TTI G34 Combat Master Gas Pistol

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The John Wick TTI G34 Combat Master is the culmination of the ultimate competition pistol platform combined with master levels of tuning to create a handgun like no other. 

, this is the pistol used by John Wick in the films John Wick 2 Based on an Glock G34 the JW TTI G34 Combat Master is expertly crafted with slide lightening cuts to improve the cyclic speed and reduce perceived recoil. The forward swept front and rear slide serrations. The extended magazine release helps with dropping the magazine without breaking your grip for faster reload, The large flared magwell assists with magazine insertion, helping to guide the magazine into the pistol. The grip helps the shooter get a good grip on the pistol and maintain a solid 


    • The Geeen Gas Powered Gel Blaster 

    • Uses Green Gas

    • 7-8 mm 

    • Full metal Slide and Barrels, Polymer lower

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eric kwan
great price

nice lil pistol at a very affordable price.